I think there are at least 36 ways to sew. I'll just present those I use. Easy ones.

The easiest way to sew, but not the most solid, is to use bindweed, in summer it's abundant. Get the very long stems and let them dry. Before use, re-wet them. It's quite flexible. It can be used without any needle or using a thorn thorn. That's how I sew my pine bark box and my little pine needle basket.

Any long leaf can de split and used to sew..That's how I sew my sombrero, with a thread made of carex.

The border of my birch_bark_box is sewed with a hazel splint.

For my cushion, I sew with a woolen thread, but I thought of sewing with linnen.

Nothing until now with my linnen, althougt t's so solid !

And I use less and less my classical sewing box.