Different ways of sanding and their uses.

With stones, you can sand wood. That's how I sanded the handle of my small pine needle basket. The stone should be rather rough, as the one on the photo, where you also see a stick, its left side sanded with this stone.

With stones, you can also sand other stones. Soon an example here.

I like sanding wood with shark skin, that's how I polished my pancake spatula, « no-pancake-breaking » model
How to sand ? Fix the piece of wood to sand, so that your hands are free. Put the fish skin on the piece of wood. Hold the two ends with your two hands. And pull with one hand, then with the other hand, etc. Within less than one minute, the upper part of the stick is sanded It's surprising, because it works only when the fish is going backwards.

I sometimes sand with the polishing blocks I make from clay. On the photo, you see that the end of the stick has been sanded, but the block has been sanded too ! The clay is not lost, it is recycled as pottery input, but I rather use these blocks for fine sanding.

Of course, I also have store bought sanding paper, which I tend to use for wood I buy rather than things I make.