The diversity of collecting techniques is large. And if you crop at the right moment, when it's abundant, it's often simple and sometimes very rapid.

Under the ground, with a gardening tool, I remove bulbs of « alium triquetrum » plants and thistle roots. Both very good. I don't do it very often, because they must be cleaned.

At the ground level, one can have a good yield in a « hands free » mode, with a basket hung around the neck. Here are two versions on the photo. Plantain, dendilion, or sorrel for example. I mesured time for plantain : in spring, it's easy to pick 200 buds within 10 mn, and the next day one can pick as many.
Some plants have a good idea : produce food at the right height for us. Borage, wild fennel, malva arborea, or climbing plants like vine, galium album, … Or red berries and later blackberries. It usually takes 5 or 10 mn to pick a mixed salad or some fruit desert. Easy and quick !

At the right height, but more technical work : birch sap. About mid march, I use my hand drilling tools with a 6 mm drill , to pierce a 3 or 4 cm deep hole, where I place a small wooden pipe I carved, so that the sap flows into a glass bottle fixed to the tree
When it's finished, I fill the hole with a small branch from the same tree.

The most easy, simple and rapid technique: direct consumption from the plant. At its best for fruits in summer !

If what you want to collect is too high, wait until it falls, and go back to the « pick on the ground » case.

And for sea weeds : bucket and knife to crop them at low tide !