Tools and their uses.

With stones you can carve wood. This is how I cut the handle of my pine needle basket, before the ends were rounded and the notches were carved with the same stone. You just need a rough stone with edges (to cut and carve the notches), like this one. Of course, it takes more time than with a knife. But making an object only with outdoor sourced tools is more pure, and it gives this object another dimension.

With stones, you car also carve less hard stones. The big white stone on the photo is the stone I used to make the small hatchet from the stone above … after much time, because it's carving as you get a shape, but technically speaking it's rather sanding, sanding, and sanding again until you get the shape you want.

Knives are suitable tools for most wooden projects. A folding blade can be useful, but most of the time, one needs a thicker and longer blade. It's more solide and better for security reasons.
I used the small one for my sombrero, my bracelets. I use any of them for my pens and pencils and my anchors. And I use the bigger one for many projects : spoons and other kitchen tools, brooms, dust brooms and toilet brushes, coat hangers, baskets, candle moulds.

A hook knife is useful to dig into wood. That's what I did for this pot, and most of my spoons. But I also use it to dig into clay, for example for this fired pot

A spoon is often enough to dig clay pots, as this pencil pot. And you can just use shells !