Wind spindle, spinning with the wind, made with materials found by the sea, and with one nettle. It can be made without any tool.. The spindle is used to spin wool.
Photo : Wind spindle, seaside version
Raw materials: 3 feathers, 1 thin and straight stick, 2 sea shells (limpet), 1 of them broken, seaweeds, 1 big stick, stinging nettle fibers.
Tools: None
Completion time: 1 to 2 hours or more, depending on the time spent to find raw materials.


  1. Fix the 3 feathers together with nettle fibers to make the rotor.

  2. Pierce the top of the limpet shell by rubbing it on a rock. Then round the hole with a stone. The size of the hole should be the diameter of the stick which will be the spindle axis.

  3. Fix the rotor on the axis with seaweeds. Then place the ring around the axis, before the pierced shell which will make a stop, fixed with seaweeds rolled around the axis.

  4. Fix the big stick between two rocks, then hang the ring to the stick with a piece of seaweed.

  5. Wind makes it spin !

Advantages Drawbacks
  • Looking for raw materials is a real pleasure.
  • Spinning while facing the sea is cool !
  • Last but not least, you can use both hands to spin.
  • You depend on the wind to spin.
  • Probably too cool in winter.

Video and comments → Isaraok

If you didn't like wind, now you will !