Briefly: To stop cleaning toilet brushes, here is a model which will be recycled as fire starter as soon as necessary. Photo : Toilet brushes
Raw materials: Wooden sticks (about 1cm diameter, length 45cm), pine needles, and raffia.
Tools: Pruning shears (otherwise it will just take more time), and a knife.
Completion time: 3 mn


  1. Cut a wooden stick at the right length with the pruning shears and make a notch with the knife at 5 cm from one end.

  2. Make a double knot in the notch with a piece of raffia.

  3. Place half of the pine needles under the stick and cross the raffia strands around the needles.

  4. Place the other needles on the stick, then cross the raphia strands around them.

  5. Pull the strands, cross again the strands around the needles, and make a tight double knot.

  6. Here they are ! Green needles … are green, drying ones are light green, and dry ones are brownish red.

  7. Here is a toilet brush on its carved wooden stand. Photo : toilet brush on its stand

Advantages Drawbacks
  • The end of a chore, cleaning toilet brushes.
  • A cleaner solution.
  • And it does take less time than cleaning a store-bought one.
  • For those who have no pine tree nearby, it's impossible !

To watch the video or comment, click here: Isaraok

You're free to keep on cleaning your toilet brush !