Briefly: Sombrero made with leaves from a Carex pendula growing in my garden.

How many leaves ? Nearly 100 leaves !
Photo : Sombrero
Raw materials: Leaves from Carex pendula.
Tools: A knife and a thorn (blackthorn or hawthorn).
Completion time: 30 hours, but maybe I'm rather slow.


  1. Harvest leaves, but be careful : they are really sharp !

  2. Split the leaves in 2, then split each half in 2 again.

  3. Roll the leaves tight, otherwise they will roll instead of staying flat, making the weaving step more difficult.

  4. Let the leaves dry, so that they shrink before your make the braid.

  5. When they are dry, dip them into water to make them workable. Then make the 5 strands braid, astarting with the spiral version of it for the top of the hat.

  6. Make a small needle by thinning a thorn and making a thin split with the knife.

  7. Prepare sewing thread from leaves, by splitting, re-splitting, …

  8. Sew the braid on itself, without piercing the leaves (the thread should go between the strands of the braid).

  9. While sewing, ajust the tension of the free end in order to shape the hat. If it's not ok, undo.

Advantages Drawbacks

I'll add photos and a video soon …

By the end, when the shape appears … Wow !