Primitive spindle made of a stone pierced with another stone used to hand-drill. The spindle is used to spin wool.
Photo : Primitive spindle
Raw materials: 2 stones and 1 stick of wood.
Tools: None
Completion time: 15 mn.


  1. Look for a small flat stone and 1 or 2 sharp stones. I find mine in the bed of a small stream.

  2. Find the point where the flat stone stands in equilibrium on the sharp stone, and turn to mark it.

  3. Make the hole on this point, by turning while pulling.

  4. Put a sticks o that it does not move, perpe ndicular to the stone, and break it at about 3 cm under the stone and 20 cm above.

Advantages Drawbacks
  • Rapidly made.
  • No cost.
  • No tool.
  • Adaptable : for thicker thread, use a bigger stone.
  • In some places, il might be more difficult to find a stone that is easy to pierce.

Video and comments → Isaraok – Fuseau primitif

To spin another sort of thread, break the stick and put another one !