Briefly: Pine bark box, with the inner side of the bark out. Drying in the sun gave it this nice reddish-brown colour.
Height : 15 cm, diameter : 25 cm.
Photo : Pine bark box
Raw materials: A pine tree branch about 10 cm diameter and 75 cm long. Sweet chestnut strips of the same length. 1 willow thin and long branch. Binding weed.
Tools: A knife, a wood sanding material, and a few cordages.
Completion time: 2 or 3 hours, depending on how ready to use the sweet chestnut strips are.


  1. Get bark from the branch, and make it dry around a log, with the inner side of the bark out.

  2. Sand the strips of sweet chestnut wood.

  3. Make a circle with the willow stem.

  4. Sew all the parts together with the bindweed thread. The willow circle is inside and will bear the bottom.

Advantages Drawbacks
  • A small branch can make a quite big box.
  • The colour is unique, I love it !
  • A bit fragile, don't be a brute with the box !

The video, is planned for next june. …

And I'll give more detailed explanations, with photos.