Briefly: Pendant made « from scratch » by piercing a small stone with another stone. Photo : Pendant : pierced stone
Raw materials: A nice small stone, not too thick.
Tools: One sharp stone (or a few ones, you'll need less time).
Completion time: 3h, less if the stone is softer, less with a few sharp stones. Or more if you pierce a thick hard stone with only one sharp but not so hard stone ! Plus some time to find the stones.


  1. Choose the stone to pierce and the sharp stone, which will be used as a drill. Thickness to be pierced : 3.3 mm.

  2. Start piercing one side, using the sharp stone as a drill.
    Here is the result after 15 mn.

  3. Work alternatively on both sides.

  4. Here is the photo after 1 hour
    and after 2 hours

  5. After 3 h, it's pierced !

  6. Here it, with a thin and solid linnen necklace.

Advantages Drawbacks
  • End wearing precious metals and stones.
  • Non polluting making (of course, you got the stone walking).
  • No unworthy working conditions in your necklace. Only one person is having (a little) hard time, that's you.
  • As a result, you'll be proud to wear it !

The short story of the making, and comments → Video

To shorten the process:
Take a few drills,
Aim carefully when you start the 2nd side
Stop when you're out of strength ; )