Briefly: How to re-use a broken lead or restyle pens. Photo : Pencils and pens
Raw materials: Stalks and sticks, and leads from pens and pencils, and for some models a little bee wax.
Tools: A knife and for some models, a piece of metal wire or a metal drill.
Completion time: A few minutes to 2 hours, depending on the model.


  1. During your outdoor trips, pick raw material : small sticks of wood and plant stems.

  2. If your raw material is green, wait until it's dry (otherwise it will shrink when drying).

  3. To make a pencil, note the size of your lead (even broken bits of 1cm long are suitable) and drill a hole slightly shorter than the lead, holding the drill with your hand

  4. Then place the lead into the hole, after dipping into bee wax (a lighted candle will give enough) to make it stick.

  5. And here is a small bunch of pens !

  6. To make a pen, it's the same, but the hole has to be bigger. The simplest stick to use is elder, it has marrow in the middle, and you can remove it with a metal wire. Otherwise you'll have do drill. If you use a half used pen refill, cut it 1/2cm above the ink level, it will reduce the depth of the hole. Be careful: if the hole does not go through the entire stick, pierce a smal side hole so that air car get into it, in order to avoid ink spills.

  7. And here are pens !

  8. And you can also play longer. I enjoyed 2 hours carving grooves for this pen, and filling them with a small cordage made of binding weeds !

Advantages Drawbacks
  • From the most simple to the most technical, choose !
  • Short time version or long time version, choose !
  • Pencils recycle broken leads.
  • You’ll discover the other advantages by yourself !
  • With hard and no-marrow wood, piercing can reveal difficult … but nothing resists my scotch eyed auger and its hex shank (at the bottom of this page).

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