Briefly: Oak log seat, peeled bark. Photo : Oak log seat
Raw materials: An oak log.
Tools: A wood chisel and a pebble (or a wooden hammer).
Completion time: 1 H (precisely measured for the one on the photos).


  1. Take a log from a tree fell a few weeks ago.

  2. Remove the bark with the wood chisel, using the pebble to hammer it. => Result .

  3. Go on with the wood chisel only. =>

  4. Scrape the surface with the chisel like this and this => This will lead to the veined look which becomes more visible after drying. which becomes more visible after drying.

  5. Here are 4 seats and a table made in the same way. The table is just covered with a glass surface got from a second-hand table. Photo : oak seats and table

Advantages Drawbacks
  • solid, can be use as a working bench
  • without bark, it doesn't drop bits of bark all the time, so you can use it indoors
  • recyclable as fuel wood
  • co-product : oak bark, raw material uesd to tan hides.
  • adapable to your prefered position.
  • heavy seat, difficult to move if it's large and high (and not yet dry)
  • according to my daughters, it's uncomfortable after a while … so one can make a cuchion !

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Who still has plastic seats ?