Briefly: Small punnets made of fig tree bark, just shaped when drying. I use them to store seeds. Photo : Fig tree bark punnet
Raw materials: Fig tree bark
Tools: A knife
Completion time: 5-10 mn per punnet (average)


  1. With a knife, split the bark of a section of fig tree branch, when the sap is coming (in spring), from top to bottom. Remove the bark carefully with the knife or just with your hands.

  2. Choose the side: bark outside or inside the box? The inside colour is creamy, it will get darker with time.

  3. Then pinch the corners and fix the shape, for example with bits of fig branches split between two knots (pure version, n°1), with clothes pegs (version n°2), or with elastic bracelets and a plastic mould (cheater version, n°3, with corners rounder with scissors).

  4. Control the shape during drying (about 2 days, depending on the weather).

  5. Here is the moulded one.

Advantages Drawbacks
  • Very rapidly made.
  • Easy if it's the right time, when the bark is easily removed.
  • An adaptable project, from the 3rd version to the 1st version !
  • Small branches can be used (→ diameter: 2 cm).
  • The shape can be irregular if it dries rapidly with no mould.

You can try with other shrub trees and trees. But some of the barks will break, the fig tree bark is especially flexible.