Briefly: To fasten my necklaces and some bracelets, I place a mini anchor in a loop. Photo : Fastening anchor for necklaces and bracelets
Raw materials: A piece of wood with two branche facing one another, for example from an ash tree.
Tools: A knife and a small metal drill.
Completion time: 1h - 1h30.


  1. Choose a stem with 2 branches facing one another. On the photo, it's waste from pruning a viburnum of my garden. I think it's easier if the stem is rather dry.

  2. Flatten the front side and the back side, holding the stem.

  3. Then, make the stem thinner before you make a hole, turning the metal drill with one hand.

  4. Cut the stem above the hole and shorten the branches.

  5. Cut the anchor from the stem, and make the bottom part of the anchor thinner. Then, go on until you get its final shape.

  6. Here is the anchor, before and after sanding it with a fish (mustelus) skin I had forgotten outdoor.

  7. How does it work ? One end of the necklace goes through the hole, and the anchor clings tight into a loop closed by a knot, or better by a splice

Advantages Drawbacks
  • The anchor is agreable to wear. It does not irritate the skin.
  • Keeps closed until you open it.

Yout turn !
Open your eyes, and find the right branch !