Briefly: This dust broom is easy to make. It will clean small areas, either in a house or in a patio. Photo : Dust broom
Raw materials: A stick, pine needles, elastic bracelets.
Tools: A knife.
Completion time: 15 to 20 mn.


  1. Choose the stick of the dust broom. If it's curved, the dust broom will clean corners more easily.

  2. With a knife, flatten the 2 sides.

  3. Carve a notch near the end (optional, see explanations under).

  4. Take a bunch of pine needles, with an elastic bracelet around it and place the stick in the middle.

  5. Tie the bunch of needles with the elastic bracelet.

  6. Take another bunch of pine needles, etc. Here it is !

  7. The notch blocks the last bunch of needles, it's mainly useful if the elastic bracelets are thin.

Advantages Drawbacks
  • Efficient.
  • Make from garden waste, except …
  • The plastic dustpan does not at all suit the dust broom.
  • The elastic bracelets don't come from the garden.

Video and comments → Isaraok