Briefly: Coat-hangers made by fixing together 2 pieces of wood : 1 with a branch fork, the 2nd one (straight or bent) to place the clothes. Photo : Wooden coat-hangers
Raw materials: 1 piece of green wood, long and thin enough to be curved.
1 Y shaped piece of wood for the handle,
a small piece of wood or a thorn to fix the 2 parts.
Tools: 1 knife, 1 drill and a drilling system.
Completion time: Max. 15 mn
Time lag : drying time of the curved stick.


  1. Curve the long branch, and fix its shape, for example by placing it in a pile of fuel wood. (Useless step for a straight coat hanger).

  2. When it's dry, drill a hole un the Y branch, the diameter being roughly superior to the diameter of the curved branch.

  3. Place the curver branch in the Y branch, and fix it with a mini wood wedge (to carve).
    Hammer the wedge with a stone if needed.

  4. Instead of a wedge, you can nail with a thorn or a piece of wood.

  5. Ajust the dimensions by cutting the ends to get a correct equilibrium and a nice shape.
    Here is an XL model to dry the sleeves easily

  6. If needed : add a horizontal piece which you will turn on itself at one end to make a knot. . For this model, the handle will be fixed later.

Advantages Drawbacks
  • Precisely adjustable to your size, including XXL sizes used to have coats dry with sleeves away from the body.
  • The time lag, if you curve the branch.

So you can give your old plastic ones !