Briefly: My first block was just pottery waste. I once tried to clean my knife with it. So perfect that I made other ones ! Here I present the simplest process. Photo : Cleaning block for blades – simple process.
Raw materials: Raw clay containing small grains.
Tools: A pebble, a kitchen sieves – not too thin.
Completion time: 30 mn for a small block.


  1. Here is the clay and the pebble. Crush => Sieve =>

  2. Crush again => Sieve again =>

  3. Crush again => Sieve again =>

  4. Take what passed through the kitchen sieve, and sieve it through a thin curtain =>

  5. Take what dit NOT pass through the curtain, add water, shape it => Re-shape as it dries.

  6. Re-shape as it dries. Here it is !

  7. Here is a photo of what this block can do to a very rusted blade.

Advantages Drawbacks
  • You can choose the grain of the cleaning block by choosing the size of the mesh of your sieves.
  • Simple, rapid, especially if you use pottery waste (what does not pass through the kitchen sieve).
  • Efficient, but it's possible to do better.

I'll soon explain a more efficient but more tricky process.