Briefly: Candles made of debris of bee wax, vegetal wicks, moulded in natural moulds. Photo : Candles
Raw materials: Debris of bee wax.
Moulds: walnut shells and hollow stems (hogweed, garden angelica, bamboo, …).
Wick : Soft rush, unknown grass or flax.
Tools: A piece of old cotton sheet, a large dish and a pot with a spout, a knife. An oven or a water bath.
Completion time: 1h to prepare about 10 wicks.
When the wicks are dry, half a day to make 5 to 10 candles.


  1. Put the bee wax debris in an old cotton sheet, compact them, and put the bundle in a stainless steel dish (1€, second hand) , and make it melt at 100°C in an oven (you can also make the wax melt in a pot in a water bath).
    The sheet is filtering the wax . Pour the wax into the pot with a spout .

  2. Prepare wicks :
    Pick soft rush and remove the exterior fibers of 2 opposite sides => .
    In summer, pick grass (cf. photo) , remove the seeds and weave wicks .
    If you know how to cultivate and ret flax, weave some of the fibers into wicks. The thicker the wick, the larger the flame.

  3. To make small floating candles, pour wax into walnut shells before you put a wick made of soft rush . They're flating !

  4. To make higher candles, put a stick into the ground ; then pour wax before you put a wick made of soft rush ; wait 1 hour before you pull the wick carefully to unmould the candle, and test it !

  5. To make high candles, cut a hollow stem, for example hogweed => . Fix the wick in the middle. Pour wax .The next day, unmould the candle . Here is the test !

  6. Optional : make raw clay stands for the high candles !

Advantages Drawbacks
  • No burning of petroleum products or palm oil during your parties !
  • Once you start this way, it's easy to imagine other natural moulds.
  • Having wax melt can take time.

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A candle making kit to offer ?

A bundle of wax debris, or a bee wax pot,
and a candle trip !