Briefly: Broom for your house. Photo : A broom for your house
Raw materials: 1 sweet chestnut tree branch for the stick and 1 smaller one (long as the width of the broom)
pine needles
2 thorns (hawthorn ou blackthorn)
elastic bracelets
Tools: 1 saw, 1 knife, 1 small wood drill (2mm) and a compatible drilling system. If you want a hole to hang it, a larger drill (1cm).
Completion time: 1 hour ?


  1. Saw one end of the stick in 2 parts along 5cm.

  2. With the knife, split the same end perpendicularly, on such a length that the stick gets its final shape and let is dry while keeping the shape.

  3. With the knife, carve the 2nd piece of wood until you get a flat strip, its length being the broom width.

  4. When the stick is dry, place the strip in the split made with the saw.

  5. Nail the strip through the 2 parts of the stick with 2 thorns, after you make a hole with the small drill. . (Sorry, the photos are not all from the same broom).

  6. Fix bunches of pine needles aroung the wood strip with elastic bracelets.

  7. You can then make a hole to hang the broom.

  8. Et voici un XS et un XL .

Advantages Drawbacks
  • Agreable noise.
  • Agreable smell.
  • Cleaning departments of supermarkets will disappear.
  • No need to hide this broom in a broom closet, so no need for a broom closet.
  • The drying delay could be days or weeks.
  • If your guests grab it, don't conclude they think it's dirty.

If I'm asked to, I'll make a video …

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