Briefly: Broom for your home. Photo : A broom for your house
Raw materials: 1 sweet chestnut tree branch for the stick plus 1 stick long as the width of the broom
pine needles
2 thorns (hawthorn ou blackthorn)
elastic bracelets
Tools: 1 saw, 1 knife, 1 small wood drill (2mm) and a compatible drilling system. If you want a hole to hang it to the wall, a larger drill (1cm).
Completion time: 1 hour.


  1. Saw one end of the stick in 2 parts along 5cm.

  2. With the knife, split the same end perpendicularly, on such a length that the stick gets its final shape. Then let is dry with its final fork shape.

  3. With the knife, carve the 2nd piece of wood until you get a flat slat, its length being the broom width.

  4. When the stick is dry, place the slat in the split made with the saw.

  5. Nail the strip through the 2 parts of the stick with 2 thorns, after you make a hole with the small drill. .

  6. Fix bunches of pine needles aroung the wood strip with elastic bracelets.
    Pour accrocher le balai au mur, faire un trou en haut du manche, avec la mèche plus large.
    Make a hole at the top of the stick to hang the broom to the wall, using the larger drill.

  7. Then find a name for the broom. Here is « Chamaille » (french word for squabble … happening when juniors all want to grab it). It’s the one at the top of the page, after a few years of use !

  8. Here is « Araok », a small broom, the slat is replaced by a pair of sticks, carved to fit into 4 holes made in the fork. Note that the elastics are replaced by vegetal ‘carex pendula’ cordages
    And here is « Ixel », an extra large broom, with a nice pattern made by twisting the elastic bracelets

  9. With natural forks, no need to split the stick. Here is « Déhovi »
    And here is « Fancy », with its asymetrical fork, and its long pine needles, which, by the way, are rather rigid

  10. « Simplet » is the most simple: 5 toilet brushes with long sticks grouped at the top, plus one horizontal stick to keep the 5 sticks aligned
     « Erosi » is the most technical, with its stick split into 4 parts and willow pieces replacing the pine needles … an exterior broom

Advantages Drawbacks
  • Agreable noise.
  • Agreable smell.
  • Cleaning departments of supermarkets will disappear.
  • No need to hide this broom in a broom closet, so no need for a broom closet.
  • The drying delay could be days or weeks, if the fork is made by splitting a stick.
  • Your guests will grab it … but you thought it was clean …

Video and comments → Isaraok

Mind the reactions of the broom if you try to use it as a wizard/witch broom !