Briefly: My bracelets differ with
- the weaving technique, giving a flat ou round bracelet, or no weaving
- the number of strands,
- and the fibers used to make it.
Photo : Bracelets
Raw materials: Thin and long vegetal materials, for example : nettles, soft rush, carex, unknown grass, flax, … Or branches of willow or sweet chestnut tree from which you get the inner bark.
Tools: Nothing, or something to cuts, depending on the plant you use.
Completion time: From 10 mn to 1 hour, depending on the plant and the technique you use.


  1. Collect strands. Green : carex, or rush. White : inner bark, straw. Brown : bramble, bindweed, or inner bark dipped with bark.

  2. Let it dry, or not. Processing fresh fibers will give a loose result, when dry.
    Drying first, and watering before use will give a more compact result.

  3. Forgetting materials in a wet atmosphere changes its colour. The one on the left (upper photo) is a flat 7 strands braid made of soft rush forgotten in a wet area sor a few months.

  4. Choose a technique : round cordage or flat braid … or nothing, if you got large strips for example.
    Increasing the number of strands (for a round cordage) gives a more regular diameter, as the green one on the above photo. It's a 4 stands cordage, each strand being a 2 strands cordage.

  5. So results are very different: . The thinnest ones are made of linnen :

  6. It's even possible to weave the bracelet on itself, as this bracelet made of un unknown sort of carex.

  7. Fastening system : glue the 2 ends with bee wax, or attach them together with any thin fiber.

Advantages Drawbacks
  • A great diversity of shapes and colours !
  • Some of them can be very solid (nettle, linnen) and can last more than 1 year, even if you're not careful with them.
  • These are light bracelets, and agreable to touch.
  • Sometimes grass might be a little fragile.
  • Many colours, ok, but it's difficult to find blue fibers !

And here is a nettle watch bracelet. After 9 months, the watch had « exploded », and the bracelet didn't have a scratch !